Items as good as new. Opened but only used once. Selling coz my boy was “overage” at almost 6.

This Colour Memory Kit, you will find a good variety of memory games suitable for children aged 2½ years and above, which are specially designed solely for the objective of continuous stimulation of our children’s right brain’s Photographic Memory and fine motor skills as well as foster colour cognition.

This set consists of 2 magnetic boards, 2 sets of blue, green, red and yellow magnetic foam and a book of a total of 84 images for children to first see the images and then translate the images which they have seen onto the magnetic board.

Details can be found here:
Meetup at Yishun MRT stations.
I don’t entertained bargains or discounts. 😉


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Books reference :
Learing Pad books come with everything you need to learn basic and important concepts in alphabet, word, phonics, conversation, reading, foreign languages, math and music.

What’s in the pack now :
1) Global Start (Conversation) – 12 Text books
Goal of the conversation books is to help students develop oral communication skills. Chapters in each book feature thematically organized dialog, song and whole class activities. Each book can be used as a stand alone text in an oral communication course.

2) World’s greatest fairy tale – 8 books
Great fairy tales in the world such as “The three little pigs”, “Cinderella” , “Hansel and Gretel”, “Puss in Boots” and other classics.

These 20 books are packed in a nice red readboy haversack. Suitable for children to carry with its learning pad and books inside.
How to play with Readboy Learning Pad
1. Insert 3 “AA” batteries into the batteries box. Remove batteries if adapter is used for power supply to prevent explosion of the batteries and damages to the Learning Pad.

2. Choose the book for reading and insert the relevant Memory Card into the slot.

3. Press ON/OFF button on the control panel. The Learning Pad will sound out “Welcome to…” and set to default book number and page index.

4. Press “MP3 file” keys to select the books which you want.

5. Turn the “Page selection knob” according to the page index shown on the book.

Note : Only odd numbers are used as page index for selection.

How to activate reading the books by the Electro-conductive Pen.
1. Read the whole paragraph
2. Point once to read the sentence
3. Point twice to read individual word
4. Point the picture to find fun

Detailed Product Description

1) For ages of 3-14 years
2) Built-in MP3 player
3) Especially suitable for learning foreign language
4) Installed Longman dictionary , chinese dictionary and idiom dictionary
5) Recording function available, can be used to compare the recorded voice with original
6) Voice (recorded and original) speed reading, easier for listening and imitating
7) Clear LCD display
8) 20 books reading cartridge, can be extended by additional SD card
9) The cartridge can be erased and re-programmed unlimitedly
10) USB connection
11) U-driver function
12) Automatic shut-off
13) Speed reading


Though preowned but set is as good as new!!
In excellent condition.
Letting go at $200. But not for bargains.
I’m fine to do a meetup along the mrt line. 😉

Clearing my child 5levels of wo hui du, 4levels of tao shu and 2 levels of reading lads. Will prefer mommy to get the whole package as one deal. No loose selling. No bargains and no fussy buyer.

Tao Shu x 4levels – Excellent as good as new condition.

Each Level at $30.

Reading Lads x 3levels- Excellent as good as new condition.

Each Level at $25.

Self  collect at Yishun Only. Delivery or meetup will requires an additional $15.

Selling at $280.00. Movers not included.

(Please do not email me for bargains). Thank you.


This piano is very ideal for beginner as young as 3yo by looking at the selling price. As we did not want to commit a few thousand dollars when my boy started piano at 3.5yo. So this piano is a good for start up b4 you commit in a few thousand piano and then the passion dies off. 😉

It is well taken by me as i clean and dust off regularly. De-humifier is also been on 24hrs a day.

Viewing at Yishun Central 1. Please sms direct  to 9365-2614 for appointment.

Young Scientist Readers x 10
Clearing one book at $3. Clearing as a set of 10books.

Usborne Flap Books “See Inside Series” x 11books.
These are excellent series from Usborne with over 50flaps in each book!
Details can be found here,
Retailing at $25 per book. Clearing at $18per book in as good as new condition!
Please do not email me to bargain or asking for discounts.

Self collection at Yishun. No meetup at MRT station for these items.